D-3 Detergent – Disinfectant - Deodorizer - 1L

D-3 Detergent – Disinfectant - Deodorizer - 1L

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D-3 1L is a Ready-To-Use phosphate free concentrated detergent/disinfectant which provides effective cleaning, deodorizing, disinfection and sanitization. D-3 has been designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food processing plants and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination. In addition, D-3 deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage area, empty garbage bins and cans, toilet bowls and other areas which are prone to odours caused by microorganisms.

Product Features:

  • Accepted for use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Registered with Health Canada
  • Safe and easy to us on any washable surface
  • Rapid, thorough lifting and suspension of contaminants allow for easy rinsing
  • Removes all types of kitchen grease, oil, carbon and dirt from the general maintenance cleaning job to heavy duty degreasing
  • An effective Batericide, fungicide and mildewstat

Can be used on:

  • Porcelain
  • Stainless Steel & Chrome
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Leather & Vinyl Upholstry
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Other Non-Porous Surfaces